Participants interested in the Allstar program must complete the form(s) below and submit to SA staff prior to being placed on a team.

Stellar Athletics Registration, Financial & Fundraising Agreement


Current 2017-18 Stellar Athletics Full Season Teams:

Tiny Level 1 Novice: Crystals (Limited Travel)

Youth Level 2:  Rubies

Senior Level 2: Sapphire

Senior Coed Level 4: Onyx

Full Season Allstar cheer teams are underway. We are still filling just a few spots on our teams. If interested, please click the link below to view cost information and CONTACT US.

Full Season Allstar Cheer Cost Information


2017-18 Stellar Athletics Half Season Information:

Half Season Allstar cheer and dance teams are forming now. Click the links below to view cost information. Come on in to sign up. Half Season Open House is October 28, 2017 from 3-6pm at the gym. You may call to sign up or sign up at Open House. Season practices begin the week of Nov. 6 and competitions begin in February. We offer half season cheer and hiphop dance teams. JOIN US!

Half Season Allstar Cheer Cost Information

Half Season Tiny HipHop Cost Information


Commitment is staying true to what you said you would do, long after the mood that you said it in has left. We say things when the mood is right; but when the environment or the mood changes we back off… Stay strong and driven…take another step. If you fall, just get up and take another step.  





I am a competitor for Christ

I am made to strive, strain, stretch

and to succeed

I face my challenger with the face of Christ

Victory is ours

and let the glory be God's!

Fellowship of Christian Athletes